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Online E-File Appeals

True Automation developed a new browser based application that allows Owners to file a protest over the Internet. The legislative requirements were part of SB873 and HB1030. These two bills set in motion an unprecedented level of interaction over the internet between appraisal districts and taxpayers.


  1. To REGISTER a new account, you need to access the Online E-File website and click on the Create New User button.
    1. If you have registered in Past Years.
      Please enter USER Name and Password.  You do not need to register again.
  2. You will need your Owner ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number) located at the top of your appraisal notice to register on the E-File website.
  3. Next, you will be asked to enter a User Name (this can be anything), your Email address, A Security Question and Answer, then type in the symbols of the Captcha image.
  4. Next, click on the Button for:
    'I wish to receive all correspondence relating to my property protest electronically.'
  5. The next page will display the End User Agreement and Email Agreement.
    Both must be checked to Agree!
  6. After registering and you login to see your properties, you can add additional owner IDs that you may have under different name.  Example: John Smith Owner ID#12345 and John Smith Trustee Owner ID# 23456 can be combined under one user login access.


Once you have registered and signed in on the website, you will see a list of your properties that are eligible to file an E-File online appeal or protest.  If you have more than one Owner ID, you can simply add the additional Owner IDs to the one registered user.  You cannot start an E-File appeal online after the protest deadline has passed, usually May 31.  You still have the option to file a late protest on the paper protest form.


There are only two protest reasons allowed as an E-File appeal.
Market Value and Unequal Appraisal.

All other types of protests must use the paper protest form to file their protest.


The property owner and staff appraiser can upload evidence or photos to help in resolving their value dispute.  The Taxpayer will receive a settlement offer or will receive a notice that a settlement offer will not be made for the current property protest.  The property owner will either electronically accept or reject a settlement offer received.


Checklist of Properties currently eligible to E-File an Online Appeal

  1. Current residential homestead taxpayers must be able to file a notice of protest electronically.
  2. The appraisal district must provide information about accessing and using the electronic system with the 25.19 appraisal notice.
  3. The appraisal district does not have to make this system available to any owner where the chief appraiser determines factors are unusually complex.
  4. Any email address and phone numbers received in this system must be kept confidential

Important Notice Information and News

2022 Appraisal Notices have been mailed April 29, 2022 for most properties.
Protest Deadline is May 31, 2022.

2021 Tax Rates data sheet has been updated now.

Remember to turn in your Homestead applications.

The 2022 Appraisal Values were certified as of July 18, 2022.

You may apply for the 2023 Tax Year for AG applications.
 Please see new requirements.

Processing of Deeds for Ownership changes are currently as of recorded date OCTOBER 31, 2022.

All property splits & subdivision created after March 22, 2022 will be split for 2023 tax year.
These splits and new accounts will not create a 2022 tax bill.


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